It’s the 11 Year Anniversary of our Annual Pass Ticket!

The 2024 Mad House Annual Pass in on sale early! It’s good from today till the end of 2024.  Availability is limited. Purchase the number of passes you want now before they sell out.

While the price of everything else in the world is skyrocketing, our Annual Pass remains priced at $36, just $12 more than a single General Admission Ticket for a Friday or Saturday show. Buy it once, come back and laugh all year long without paying for another ticket. Use your 2024 Annual Pass 2 times, 5 times, 50 times …come laugh with us as often as you want :)


• How much is the 2024 Pass?

The 2024 Annual Pass is $36. Twelve bucks more than a General Admission Ticket to a Friday or a Saturday show. It’s like Sea World. You buy one ticket and come back all year long for free. It’s the best deal in all of entertainment and with the uncertainty in the world it’s nice to know you have unlimited laughs all year long without breaking the bank.

• What if I want to bring a significant other or some friends?

You may purchase more than one pass for yourself. If Sally Smith bought one pass it’d be good for her all year long. If Sally bought 2 Annual Passes she’d be in our system as Sally Smith+1 all year long and she could bring a friend with her all year long. If Sally bought 4 passes she’d be in our system as Sally Smith+3. There is a max of 6 Mad House Passes one person can hold each year.

• Can I purchase a 2024 Mad House Annual Pass as a gift for someone else?

Yes. You can purchase the pass or passes and then call the box office. We’ll transfer your gift. Please keep in mind you need to be 18+ w/a valid, state issued, photo id to enter the Mad House for a Comedy Show.

• Where do I pick up my 2024 Annual Pass?

You don’t! We track each 2024 Annual Pass account via email. There is no card for you to lose, wash, demagnetize or keep track of.

• How do I purchase the 2024 Annual Pass?

You can purchase the pass two ways. First, you can go to the Mad House Comedy Club Calendar and select the first show you want to attend. Each show will have a ticket option that’s the 2024 Annual Pass. Purchase the number of Annual Passes you’d like for that show.

You can click the purchase link below right here in these FAQ’s. That’ll take you to the 2023 Annual Pass purchase page. There you can purchase the number of passes you’d like.


• How do I use my 2024 Annual Pass?

It’s easy. Just call the Mad House Box Office (619-269-1987) and let us know which show you’d like to attend. We’ll ask your name, the email address associated with your 2024 Annual Pass and how many people in your party. Then we’ll verify your pass, make the reservation for you and send you a confirmation. That’s it. Just show up with ID so we know it’s you.

• What if I purchased my 2024 Annual Pass from the Mad House Calendar on a specific show?

Great question. If you purchased Annual Passes for a specific show, you do not need to make reservation for that show. Next time, however, you’ll need to call the box office and make a reservation.

• What if I don’t make a reservation?

If you have a Mad House Annual Pass and we have availability, we’ll always let you in. We strongly recommend you make reservations in case we’re sold out before you get here. We wouldn’t know to save you a seat if we had no idea you were coming.


• One person per annual pass.

• You must possess a valid, state issued, photo ID for age verification to get into the club just like any other entertainment venue.

• You can’t send other people in to use your passes if you are not present.

• Entrance to any show is based on availability. If you haven’t made reservation and we’re sold out we won’t have room for you.

. Every comedy club, including Mad House has a two drink min. Drinks DO NOT have to be alcohol and they do not need to be expensive. You could have two Coke’s or two bottled waters or 9 margaritas depending on how you feel and if you have a designated driver :)

• The 2024 Annual Pass excludes special events. We don’t have many and when we do they will be boldly marked as “special events with no coupons or passes accepted”. Special Events are most often holidays like NYE or when a super famous comedian comes through that doesn’t allow comps or discounted tickets. In 2022 we had a 6 special events.

• Your passes are valid until Dec 30 2024 regardless of when you purchase them. They expire at the end of the year, not one year from when you purchased them.

• We reserve the right to invalidate any Annual Passes if a passholder engages in misconduct towards other patrons, staff, comedians or if a passholder uses or attempts to use Annual Passes fraudulently.