As a comedy club, we respect the craft of stand up comedy more than anything, this means that we focus a great deal of emphasis on the development of comedians throughout their comedic careeres.The following post comes from Atlanta comedian, Caleb Synan. For more from Caleb, check out his blog HERE


I was watching Dave Chappelle’s “Killing Them Softly” yesterday, and even though I had planned to just watch one or two of the clips on youtube, I slipped up and watched all 57 minutes of it. Now, I’ve seen that special a million times. I used to watch in High School all the time. But now, as a comedian, it appeals to me not only as something incredibly funny, but as something to be very jealous of and very inspired by.

Now, Dave Chappelle had been doing stand up for 13 years before that special came out. He’d been booed offstage at the Apollo. He’d been through a lot. So he didn’t just walk onstage and kill that hard without doing 13 years of hard work first. I’ll show you what I mean.

Watch this video of him in 1990. He’d been doing stand up for 3 years, here:
See that? Even Dave Chappelle, one of the funniest guys ever, was waaaaaaaaaaay different. He’s not nearly as comfortable onstage or, I dunno, as Dave Chappelly as he is in his famous special.

The point is, you should watch and respect the greats like Dave Chappelle, but you should realize that it’s completely possible to get 10 times better just like he did. I have friends in New York who were doing stand up back when Jim Gaffigan was starting out, and from what I’ve heard, even ole Jim Gaffigan sucked at one point.
These guys all got better by doing stand up as much as they could. It’s very simple.
I live in Atlanta right now, and it’s completely possible to do stand up at least once a night here. A lot of times, it’s not even difficult to do 3 or 4 spots. Some comedians take advantage of it. Some don’t.

Some comedians seem to think they’re great already. And that opportunities are evading them for a reasons other than how good they are.

I think you can ALWAYS get better. Just watch some old clips of George Carlin, Louis CK, and Bill Cosby back when they first started. They’re all on youtube. TELEVISION clips. These guys were on TV before they found their comedic voice. So we’ve all got some improving to do. I’ve seen several comedians in Atlanta become beasts in the last couple of years. They just realized that even though they don’t live in New York or L.A. yet, they can still start they’re careers. And they can do that by by becoming good comedians.

Anyway, here’s a video of Jerry Seinfeld from his first year of stand up.

He's gotten a lot better, that guy.