Remember when we have that urge to just be couch potatoes and watch TV all day long? Admittedly, for some of us, this is all the time. And if we’re to be asked to take a pick of what to see playing on our screens in these times of laziness and utter boredom, who would want to settle for blah dramas or series which make you think of profound philosophical things? Indeed, without even a blink we’d immediately choose comedy. Honestly though, what is life without it? Keep in mind that laughter is a sort of medicine: he who laughs lasts, etcetera. You get the drift. Comedy, for longevity! This is the new toast. Besides, the Average Joe’s champions are not actually those heroes from DC or Marvel, we go for iconic comedians. 

And so we compiled our favorite characters, to answer the question of who we want to be when we grow up. They are: 

1. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory, played by Jim Parsons) 

Do not be fooled by that deadpan expression; inside lurks a powerful geek who can go for world domination and succeed with it. He is after all a theoretical physicist. Whether cooped up in his lab, or playing LAN games with the gang, or even hooked online on where he wheedles his way on slots, blackjack and the roulette games to get the chance to win real cash prizes and use it in pulling pranks against his best friend Leonard, he never disappoints. If you want to master a practical joke a la April Fools, pull a classic Sheldon and you’ll most definitely get away with it. 

2. Cameron Tucker (Modern Family, played by Eric Stonestreet) 

Since day one, Cam has taught us to be our funny, joyful, gay selves. His love for dancing, the spotlight, fatherhood and Meryl Streep makes him exceptional and perfect for Mitchell, the control freak. If we can be deep for a second, it almost seems as if this couple are just the two sides of ourselves: the responsible, serious side and the spontaneous, hilarious side. The trick is when to appropriately let which side out. We can all break into Flash Dance while thinking about it. 

3. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother, played by Neil Patrick Harris) 

Where do we even start? We saved him for last because he is the most awesome, legen daaary playboy who sees everything in life as a challenge (which he never had qualms accepting). His way with women, though out of this world, is something to look forward (or look up) to. In a week he can be a pilot, an astronaut, a hero incarnate, a scientist, and he does it with such aplomb that girls don’t even think twice where he’s concerned. He has the uncanny ability to turn cloudy days around by just telling himself that he can. We must all try being like Barney in the middle of a crisis, because let’s face it, all we need to do is say we can turn this around. 

Life is never serious if you know how to play your cards right. Let’s all learn from our favorite TV comedians, and get a dose of laughter everyday, if not from them (since they’re not always around; we’re not couch potatoes round the clock), then at least from within.